Monthly Archives: July 2012

Rainbow caused by yard sprinkler

Over the weekend I was amazed to see a rainbow appear, at always the same spot, when my neighbor’s lawn sprinkler reached a certain point as it went back and forth sprinkling his yard.  Anyway, if you’re interested in learning what causes rainbows, go to the following link and find out.  When we see a rainbow in an unusual place it has to do with where we’re standing from what I could understand from the article.  Anyway, I only saw the rainbow when the water and the light were exactly in line with where I was positioned.  (As a matter of fact, I was inside my home looking out through the front storm dorm looking down the street and into the neighbor’s front yard with the sun shining on his yard.  When I moved from the storm door and looked at my neighbor’s yard from a different vantage point I could not see the rainbow.)  Schooling teaches us a great deal but  nature can be a supreme teacher…I’m 70 years old and had never experienced this phenom before.

Dan O. De Ment