Saw “em” with my own eyes!

We live one block east of the main road running north to south…this is a four lane thorough fare…through Peoria, Illinois…although we are, technically, in Peoria Heights.  We’ve had deer, one, two, even three in our back yard grabbing seeds from around our bird feeder.  A buck would actually knock the feeder so seeds would fall to the ground.  That was a number of years ago and before the railroad track behind our home was torn out and the train bed was converted to a combination bicycle and walking trail.  Many of you have seen the image of the trail on this blog.
Picture this!  At 9:45AM I looked out our front window.  (I’m always looking out the window)  It faces the main road through Peoria and there are numerous homes and a wooded ditch between our home and the main road…we can only see cars passing by on the main road during the winter when the leaves have all fallen.  I was surprised to see a doe standing on the side street just north of us  about 100 yards and to my right looking out the window…this street runs into the main road.  I called to my wife to come to the window before the doe could wander into a  neighbor’s yard, slide between two homes, and go about her business.   Wow!!  There was another one coming up out of the wooded ditch area just off the side road where the first one walked out from.  Holly cow!  Another one…then another one.  Four deer, one behind the other, all does, politely and calmly, cool as cucumbers,  walking along  just enjoying the day and probably working and foraging their way to a Nature Center about a mile or more north and just across another busy street. (two lane)  I was sorry I could not get any images for you…there just wasn’t time.  We had blizzard like conditions here yesterday and, although we didn’t get much snow accumulation because of the 35 to 60 mile per hour winds, something must have triggered the deer to move toward the Nature Center from their secret hiding places between homes and behind our grade and high schools.  The schools are south of us about a mile and behind their football field is a wooded area where the deer often bed down. (Sometimes words are worth a thousand images.) Maybe?

Dan O. De Ment

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