Another Deer Story…Without Images

My grand-daughter came out of volleyball practice the other evening about dusk.  The road she takes to go home is in the city…right outside the front door of her school.  There are subdivisions everywhere.  A farmer’s field runs parallel to the road home and two nights ago she was stunned to see 17 deer foraging out in the field.  17!   She’s seen small groups of up to five in the past but this was a herd.  One end  of the farmer’s field runs into a main thoroughfare through town and the other end falls off into the woods.  Deer in Illinois have become use to seeing people near their feeding and bedding grounds but it never ceases to amaze me when a herd of this size is spotted.  We often see them in and around our golf courses also…not to mention in our yards once in a while as I posted in an earlier post.  East Peoria and Peoria are separated by the Illinois River and the deer are at home both sides of the river.   NEAT, huh!

Dan O. De Ment

One response to “Another Deer Story…Without Images

  1. Wow 17??? That’s crazy.


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