Grackles use their beaks as a tool

In the past few days I’ve observed different Grackles using their beak as tools at our feeder…popping small nut pieces from the feeder tray to the ground. Actually walking around the edge of the feeder and selectively flipping out only the nut pieces and leaving sun flower seeds behind. Once they’ve decided there’s enough on the ground they’ll jump down and feed on them…going so far as taking some to our cement watering feeder and dipping them before eating. I’m surely not the first person to have observed this behavior? Have any of you witnessed this behavior?

Dan O. De Ment

Clubhouse at Forest Park Nature Center

IMG_1337-1For years residents of Center Illinois, and in particular, Peoria Heights where the Center is located, have enjoyed quiet walks and all the wildlife that have found the Nature Center home.  My wife and I live, as the crow flies, about one mile dead west from the Nature Center.  Two of the major animal and bird families located at the Center are Turkeys and Deer.

Today my neighbor said, his neighbor one home up the street was amazed to look into his back yard and see wild turkeys.  Some on the ground and a least one on the roof of their outdoor storage shed.  We’ve all had deer roam through our yards but never turkeys until now…as far as I know.

Dan O. De Ment