The Triple Crown

I’m going completely off brand here.  One of the owners of California Chrome has publicly stated he believes to be eligible to win the triple crown of horse racing your horse must be entered in all three races…he or she cannot skip any one of the three.  I am mainly in agreement!  Now comes the difficult part.  If your horse wins the Kentucky Derby then no other horse can win the triple crown.  It can’t happen!

Where does that leave us?  Is the object to win the triple crown or one leg only?  Is the object, then, to try and keep the Derby winner from winning all three races by holding your horse back and only allowing him or her to race at his or her best distance?

These horses are extremely valuable and stud fees and the prices for the folds can be in thousands and more.

The answer may be that everyone involved must agree to disagree.

Now for the kicker.  If the Kentucky Derby winner is the best horse during a particular year shouldn’t he or she win all three legs of the triple crown regardless of who has or has not raced against him or her when the triple crown has been completed?

Who said so?

Dan O. De Ment





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