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Bottle of Shells

Shells in a Bottle1_edited-3

This bottle of shells is one of my wife’s favorite possessions.

Daisy the Squirrel back for Peanuts

Daisy the Squirrel back for peanuts2._edited-1

The last time you saw, Daisy, was about one year ago this month.  She’s been coming back ever since with a few month absence now and then.  The spots you see on the image are on the outside of the window … they’re her paw and nose marks.  Also makes the image a bit blurry although I cleaned it up a bit.

Dan O. De Ment

Bridge through Illinois River’s bottom land

Walking through the WoodlandThis walking bridge is somewhere around 100-200 yards from the Illinois River and winds along the bottom land…a number of streams leading to the river pass just beneath it.  It’s a peaceful walk which takes a turn toward the river and terminates…the walkway is a few blocks in length. The river is located to the left of the bridge from the vantage point of this image.

Dan O. De Ment


First light strikes the Tree tops


The first light of dawn struck the tops of the trees behind our home two days ago making this image possible.  It immediately caught my eye.

Dan O. De Ment

Maple Changing

Maple Image1-4_edited-2

This Maple, located at the lower entrance to Grandview Drive in
Peoria Heights Illinois, turns this bright orange each year.
I took this during the fall of 2011.

Dan O. De Ment