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Jasper, the Donkey

IMG_2119 - CopyJasper lives at the Zoo in Peoria, Illinois.  My wife, Jean, took this image during the past summer.


This is what Summer looks like in the Backyard


Well, I found this image in my archive…it won’t win the National Geographic Image of the Year Award, I know.  All photography isn’t about being perfect … some is just fun!

The Woodland in Winter


I captured this image quite a few years ago.  I loved the peaceful tranquility and the quiet of the moment … you could hear a pin drop.

©Dan O. De Ment 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it’s started snowing in Central Illinois.

Hope the Midwest doesn’t get hit like this again this year!


Was this a mess or what?  New England has already seen this early in the season.  What about us/you for 2014/2015?

Dan O. De Ment

Blue Jay on a Trellis


I captured this image while this beautiful Blue Jay sat looking for peanuts from its vantage point on the trellis just off our deck.

Doe in the neighbor’s Yard


I found this image when browsing through my archives.  This doe, it was in 2008, I believe, was walking in our next door neighbor’s front yard.  It was early on a mid-fall morning and she was as shocked as I was.  She walked over and hid, she thought, behind the tree.
This image is a bit fuzzy as I had to shoot it through the front window.  Within about three minutes she darted off down through other yards and went about her business. We’ve seen a deer off and on over the years … some in our own back yard.


Last Diesel on the Line


I posted this image a few years ago on Flickr but thougt my folllowers and friends on WordPress might like to hear the story.  First of all notice the heignt of the bushes … more later in the post about them. I was in our back yard (in butts right up to the tracks) and heard the diesel working its way up the track. (North) I hailed the engineer and we talked a bit and that’s how I learned I was looking at the last diesel or any train to use the track.  The Peoria Park Board had been in negotiation with the railroad to build a bicycle/walking trail on the property for quite some time and the deal had gone through.
Time passed, the bushes grew to about eight feet in height over the next few years and the bicycle/walking path has now been in place a couple years…it goes for miles!  And now, as of just a few days ago, all the bushes, which, by the way afforded my wife and I some privacy, have been completely uprooted by a front end loader with a big grinder attached which chops everything up into a mulch.   I think they’ll probably seed the ground next spring.  My buddies and I use to hop that train to school once in a while when we were kids. That was some 60 years ago. THAT’S ALL! … for now.

Leave me alone!


This doe was a bit anxoius when I shot this image .  Notice how her ear’s are back.

A Fork in the Pathway at Forest Park Nature Center


This serene image was taken at Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria, Illinois in 2012.  It sure was quiet that day.

A Backup-Stand Alone Hard-Drive

One of the first things I do in the morning is check my email, etc. On a particular day a couple years ago I immediately discovered something was wrong … some off-the-wall virus protection message appeared on my monitor screen. I deleted it right away but, not realizing it, the damage had already started. Off and on during the day other messages appeared. I ran my virus and malware protection to check out the problem. They gave me the usual adware detections and virus threats that I either removed or quaranteed as my software recommended. By the next morning I was “dead in the water.” My computer would hardly run without interruption. My entire hard-drive was corrupted and had to be re-formatted or, I could get a new computer.
The fact that I was without a backup hard-drive really cost me. I lost all my images. Hundreds! If you’re new to photography or, as I was, are without a backup hard-drive, drop what you’re doing and go get one. If you’re not tech savy your tech guru can fix you up with one. The investment of 30-50 dollars will more than pay for itself very quickly. I’ve had some issues which needed my tech guru’s attention since I purchased my back up for $35.00 and my images were safe. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming drinking from our Shell Fountain

Ming drinking from Shell Fountain

I took this image a few years ago.  Ming now has his own fountain.