Last Diesel on the Line


I posted this image a few years ago on Flickr but thougt my folllowers and friends on WordPress might like to hear the story.  First of all notice the heignt of the bushes … more later in the post about them. I was in our back yard (in butts right up to the tracks) and heard the diesel working its way up the track. (North) I hailed the engineer and we talked a bit and that’s how I learned I was looking at the last diesel or any train to use the track.  The Peoria Park Board had been in negotiation with the railroad to build a bicycle/walking trail on the property for quite some time and the deal had gone through.
Time passed, the bushes grew to about eight feet in height over the next few years and the bicycle/walking path has now been in place a couple years…it goes for miles!  And now, as of just a few days ago, all the bushes, which, by the way afforded my wife and I some privacy, have been completely uprooted by a front end loader with a big grinder attached which chops everything up into a mulch.   I think they’ll probably seed the ground next spring.  My buddies and I use to hop that train to school once in a while when we were kids. That was some 60 years ago. THAT’S ALL! … for now.

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