Myth of the Black Squirrel


I shot this image during the winter of 2013.  I wish it was in better focus but I had to shoot it through our sliding glass patio door and, honestly I did a quick and poor job … anyway, the Black Squirrel does exist in the wild … not just in zoos … My wife and I had seen one across the street in 2012 but thought we were dreaming. (Olney, Illinois is noted for its numerous all black and even all white sqirrels.)  I do have another image to post later. The squirrel was only at the feeder two days and we never saw it again.  I know from speaking to other Peoria area residents Black Squirrels have been seen in different parts of the city on occassion.  I’m 72 years old and this was the first time I’d ever seen a Black Squirrel in the wild. (Peoria Heights.)

One response to “Myth of the Black Squirrel

  1. I never heard of a black squirrel before this. Regardless of quality, it is an amazing thing that you were able to photograph it! Thank you for sharing! ~amy


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