Preparing the Bicycle/Walking/Running Track for use


If you’ll scroll down through my images you’ll see the completed track – if you haven’t already seen it from a previous viewing.  This was a railway and all the track and timbers had been removed, obviously, by the time I took this shot.  You can just see the tractor at the top of the image.  My wife and I wondered when the surface would be applied -we soon found out.  A few days later we looked out and the blacktop surface was completely poured.  We still don’t know how they did it without us seeing the work being completed – the track is right off the back of our property.

Dan O. De Ment

One response to “Preparing the Bicycle/Walking/Running Track for use

  1. We have a rail-trail under construction along coastal NJ as well. Most of the surrounding segments have been finished but local disputes about traffic re-routing has caused a long delay – finally resolved. We’re especially looking forward to it’s completion as access would be walking distance away from our house. M 🙂


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