What happened to our Driveway?


I know we have a driveway – I’ve seen it!  It has to be there?  It’s under seven (7) inches of the wet stuff.  Don’t forget the blowing snow that came in after this was shot.  It snowed and blowed for another 2 or 3  hours.  Then, it moved East – Sorry.  As if they didn’t already have enough to worry about.  This storm reminded me of Newfoundland where I was stationed in the Air Force for 18 months in the early 60’s.  Those folks average 265 inches of snow per winter.  Snowing for days up there is a given.  The East is the real slave to these past two storms, I know.  Good luck to everyone getting out from under this. By the way, the fur tree across the street looks like it’s been covered in whipped cream.

Dan O. De Ment

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