Black Squirrel Resting


I shot this image of our neighborhood Black Squirrel without completely zooming in to show how much a Black Squirrel can look like a shadowy Grey or Brown Squirrel.  This little fella/gal has not been around for a few days but that not is not issue – he or she may show up today or tomorrow or be absent for weeks and then return.

Dan O De Ment

3 responses to “Black Squirrel Resting

  1. Here in NJ, the grey squirrel is by far most common. Some years ago… ok a lot of years ago, we had a white albino squirrel in our apartment complex. It was a curious sight, and somewhere, there is a photo or two! M 🙂


    • There’s a town in Illinois, Olney, that has been known for its numerous Black and White Squirrels since I was a child…I’m 72 years old. The Black Squirrel has been seen in the Peoria area for the past few years.


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