Petunias in Sun and Shade


This pot of Petunias was next to the back side of our home.  My wife, Jean, loves these flowers and we get new plants each year.  Petunias are an annual plant.

Dan O. De Ment

3 responses to “Petunias in Sun and Shade

  1. Das ist schön. Freundliche Grüße, Wolfgang


  2. cool light and very colourful 🙂


  3. Dan, I can see why Jean loves these–they are such a treat for the eye, with the variety of colors! I live in Arizona and have just started with two hanging pots of petunias, which I keep turning around so everybody gets equal sunlight–or so I hope, anyway. They seem to enjoy being crowded together, as if they’re making a statement about sharing or the value of community or something. We lose them here when the +95 temps. hit and stay, unfortunately. When I was growing up in Ohio , my mom always had a huge bed of them bloomed profusely all summer, leaving not a square inch for a hopeful weed–I miss that!

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