The Fence


Well, it had to happen. For those of you who follow my blog this will be a new look to our backyard. For years we had a combination chain link and wire fence. Just beyond where you know see our new fence, in the not to recent past … a couple of years … you would have seen a fire pit and a large clump of bushes which provided privacy yet allowed a blurry viewing of walkers and runners on the track between the fence and the tall bushes directly in the background of this image. Goodbye! That’s all changed! All the bushes located on our side of the track … you can’t see it anymore … were removed. It was fine for a while but then, with more and more runners, walkers and bicycles zooming by (or not) our privacy was gone. What happened? (The Aquarium Syndrome I’ll call it). Anyway, Z marks the spot on our fence where the gate is and now we can hear everyone and if we want to join them we can (or not). Once in a while we can see a head go by just to the left of our last post, next to the neighbors fence. We just had to move on. No regrets! Note: I took the picture of the ladies walking … my last post … a couple weeks ago.

Dan O. De Ment
Dan De Ment Fine Art

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