Muffin resting on our Deck


I took this shot, half shot, deliberately to focus on her coat and the vertical pocket behind her ear.  Notice the colors of her coat and the vertical pocker on the back of her ear. The pocket is called the, tragus, which detects vibrations and sends them to the middle ear so the cat can turn them into distinct sounds. (don’t ask me how).  Notice her left ear as well.  The clipped section was removed (while she was sedated) after she was spayed and, in case she she gets trapped again, it will tell the person or persons who set the trap she’already been spayed and given a series of shots and she’ll be immediatwly released.  This is called catch and release in Feral Cat jargon.  Anyway, here she is, again, with a bit of education for those of you unaware.  Be sure you enlarge for a better look!

Dan O. De Ment
Dan De Ment Fine Art

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