Nature’s Way


It’s happening all over Central Illinois.  There won’t be any beautiful colors in the leaves until mid to end October.  Some leaves never turn those beautiful shades of red, burgundy, or orange we’re used to seeing.  However, they can still speak to us.

A huge flock of snow geese are moving through the Midwest now.  I saw some yesterday but was unable to get any pictures.  I know where they lay over for a  week or so on their way to … where ever … so I’ll try and run up there tomorrow and get some images – if they haven’t moved on. It’s really neat to see them excercise their wings a couple times a day.  They lift off and go up to a height where you can see them clearly but not low enough to really get an image of an individual bird without a powerful zoom lense.  I have a 75-300 so I may get lucky.  Anyway, once they reach altitude they circle in their numbers for miles.  Yes, they continually circle – a huge circle – while moving in whatever direction suits them or nature has imprinted on their brains.
They do this for about 20 minutes or more and then go back to where they rest for the next flight or the night.  What a beautiful honking they produce.

Dan O. De Ment

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