Praying Mantis on the Prowl

Praying Mantis on the Prowl

This Praying Mantis had been hanging onto the siof my wife’s watering can.  I took him out to the garden and he quietly slid down into the mulch to do a little hunting.  The light wasn’t the best so I did a litt,e work in Photoshop Elements 6 to make him more presentable.  He turned his head to watch me a couple times.  For such a top insect predator they’re not afraid to crawl up your arm and have a look.  I’ve nevef seen hostility from one to people – just curiosity.

Dan O. De Ment

4 responses to “Praying Mantis on the Prowl

  1. Nice shot! 🙂
    Mantids are awesome insects! I had one as a pet for a long time. Most are well behaved, but some around here in the Kankakee area, are mean. I have a fossil mantis in Dominican amber that is around 24 million years old.


  2. So lucky, great shot and beautiful green color! 🙂


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