Powell’s Books

I would like to invite my followers and friends to visit Powell’s Books.  I have been in their Partner’s  Program for a number of years. You may also join Powells as a Partner … it is free … and include their logo and even a bookshelf with your suggested reading material directly on your site.  Just thought you might be interested.  We all have many followers and you may want to offer this as well.  Just click on the Powell’s link in my right hand menu and browse their site.

Dan O. De Ment

2 responses to “Powell’s Books

  1. I sure hope that your eyes are doing better! Did everything go well with that?


    • Tom: Yes! All is well. I now have 20-20 vision for long distance. I will require glasses – perhaps tri-focals. Maybe just bi-focals. I go back for final prescription exam in a couple weeks. I will take my Rx to the VA for my glasses. The surgery takes about six minutes per eye. They do one then you wait two weeks and they do the other eye. Waiting around in surgical prep until it’s your turn is the only pain. You have to put in eye drops for four weeks. Thanks agan.

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