Oooops! Me and My Big Mouth

Oooops!  Me and My Big Mouth_edited-1

Be careful what you wish for – although I didn’t.  We now have two inches on the ground and the wind is blowing and it’s suppose to snow all night. It’ s now 5PM Saturday!

I’ll shoot the same shot tomorrow morning and see how we ended up.

Dan O. De Ment

5 responses to “Oooops! Me and My Big Mouth

  1. WOW! Snow again… This is amazing. Thank you, have a nice day dear Dan, Love, nia


  2. Hi Dan. Oops is right. Stay warm. Love Stephanie


  3. Ha! We’re getting the white stuff tonight. It’s been raining all day.
    From the ancient Tao Te Ching:
    Without going outside his door, one understands (all that takes
    place) under the sky; without looking out from his window, one sees
    the Tao. The farther that one goes out (from himself), the
    less he knows.


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