Dan De Ment Images on Facebook

I’m in the process of setting up a Fan/Business page on Facebook.  The work is going slowly since I’m having trouble getting a shopping cart from Pixels.com.  Truthfully, I haven’t even heard back from Fine Art America as to why their shopping cart code doesn’t appear to be working.

Having said that, I  can load individual images onto my page – so it’s not like I’m completely, “dead in the water.”

Now, this morning I discovered my, Twitter account, died.  I don’t know if it blew up, blew away, if I did something to crash it, or, if Twitter goofed up.  Actually, it could even be my NookHD causing the problem.  Who knows?

As far as my followers and friends here are concerned you are already privy to much of the same information and images I’ll be loading onto Facebook simply by clicking on my Fine Art America Logo in the upper right hand portion of this page.

Thanks for your time and continued interest in Elm Drive Images and Dan De Ment Fine Art at Pixels.com.

Dan O. De Ment



2 responses to “Dan De Ment Images on Facebook

  1. Dan, oh the woes of technology! Be strong, carry on!


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