Monthly Archives: February 2016

Ming with Eyes on You

When I shot this image I certainly did not expect the result shown here.  It appears ambient lighting  adjusted the color of Ming’s right eye.  Something you might do in PP if you were so inclined.  Rather than redo the image I left it as is for your consideration.

Ming - A Head Shot

Dan O. De Ment



Male Cardinal playing Hide and Seek

This Male Cardinal was flitting back and forth in our flowering crab when, suddenly, I couldn’t see him – thought he flew off.  But, all of a sudden I saw movement and there he was at the back of the tree. I did a bit of Post Production work so you can make him out. Some of him anyway.

Male Cardinal playing Hide and Seek.jpg

Dan O. De Ment

When you’re in a hurry

I was trying to capture our cat, Ming, before he started playing, and I messed up the shot – his eyes.  This could have been a decent image had it not been for my impatience.  Noise and a reflection! “A lesson to us all.”

Ming looking for trouble_edited-2

Dan O. De Ment