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Early Morning Light

Early Morning Light

I walked to our sliding glass door this morning at about 5:50AM and the sky just jumped out at me.  I shut off our ourdoor light and set the flash to off and this is the result.  The lights are in neighbors yards.  The furthest light is about a neighborhood block away – I believe.  I was shooting through the glass, as usual, when the temperature is low.

Dan O. De Ment

Early Spring – the Backyard

Early Spring - The Back Yard_edited-1This image started as a way to highlight the, Daffodils, in the lower front.  (that went well, they’re not even in focus.)  Anyway, l uploaded it simply to show how things are progressing in th Early Spring of 2016 in Central Illinois, U.S.A.

Dan O. De Ment


The Morning Dove

The pretty little gal below is in the process of gathering nesting material. If you’ll scroll down to the, A Fiery Western Sky, the post immediately below this one, you’ll see the fir tree where she’s building her nest.  You can’t see the nest but it’s about 2/3’s of the way up the tree.  At the time I shot this she was more interested in what I was doing than gathering her twigs, sticks, and grasses. (Sometimes known as the Turtle Dove.)

Morning Dove gathering Nesting Material

Dan O. De Ment

Another Fiery Western Sky

Just another Fiery Wester SkyMy wife and I are fortunate as our home faces the setting sun.  Two nights ago, again, the sky lit up with a, “Fiery Glow.” I’ve shown images like this in the past as you know, but I never get tired of their striking appearance.

Dan O. De Ment


Honeysuckle will soon be here

One of the early, highly scented, flowering bushes will be in bloom in another month in Central Illinois and other areas of the country.  The bushes themselves can grow to quite a height if left un-trimmed.


Dan O. De Ment

Texas Cactus- San Antonio

When my wife and I lived in Garland, Texas in 2006, we took a drive down to San Antonio, visited the Alamo, and took the image below outside of the city.

Cactus Image1-9_edited-3 - Copy

The sun was striking this Cactus in a late afternoon and I liked the shadowy presentation it allowed.

Dan O. De Ment

Purple Crocus in Bloom


Five Crocus were in bloom yesterday morning.  If you enlarge you’ll get a better viewing as I had to take the image through the front window. They only bloom for a few days and then thery’re gone for another year. They are small, delicate, and eye-catching.

Dan O. De Ment

This is the new reality!


For years, back in my day, we’d get up and read the paper with a cup of coffee in hand.  Today, in most cases, we get up to our Nooks, IPhones, Sombodys Phone, IPads, etc. including our laptop computers.  Having been around since we had party line telephones it’s a reamarkable move forward for today’s young people.  A rotary phone to today’s younger generation is a dinosaur…some have never even seen one. Things move on and we need to keep up. I suppose the day will come when there will be no wires visible anywhere.  Won’t that be big?

Dan O. De Ment

What are you looking at?


What are you lookin at?

I shot this image a few years ago at a farm Northeast of Peoria.  To get to their pasture the cattle walk through an under the road crossing.  It’s pretty neat to see them walk out from under the road.

I posted this way back when  – one of my lost posts.

Dan O. De Ment


A Major Error!

UPDATE!  New visitors and potential followers kindly visit my Premium Sales Site to view my work…url below

Dan De Ment Fine Art

Well, it looks like I’ve really goofed up.  In an attempt to free up space on my Nook HD I deleted numerous images from my library.  What I didn’t know was it also removed the images from my posts.  All of the writing is still available.  Fortunately all the images are on my desktop computer so I have not completely lost them.  You’ll see next time you go to my site what has happened.  Hope you’ll hang around until I can build up a new image portfolio.

Dan O. De Ment

Crocus Arrive Early


First Crocus Blooms 3092016

Over the past few days we’ve seen the green of the Crocus popping up off our front porch.  This morning we were pleased to see the flower pedals up and since I took this image (through my front window), this morning, the flower on the front right has opened.  You’ll need to enlarge the image to get a good view.

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin standing guard for backyard Intruders

Muffin’s posture and attitude were just to good to pass up the other morning.

Muffin standing guard for backyard Intruders

Dan O. De Ment