A Major Error!

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Dan De Ment Fine Art

Well, it looks like I’ve really goofed up.  In an attempt to free up space on my Nook HD I deleted numerous images from my library.  What I didn’t know was it also removed the images from my posts.  All of the writing is still available.  Fortunately all the images are on my desktop computer so I have not completely lost them.  You’ll see next time you go to my site what has happened.  Hope you’ll hang around until I can build up a new image portfolio.

Dan O. De Ment

4 responses to “A Major Error!

  1. Dan, So sorry! That’s what we call “a revolting development”. I’m never quite sure what the implications of the devices being “synced” is but this is the kind of thing I fear. So glad you still have the images. On the plus side who knows what kinds of things you may learn and discover during the ‘rebuild’.
    Did you know you can “back-up” wordpress by going to Tools and choosing Export (the free one) and it saves a complete file on your computer. You could then import the whole thing if anything happened. I’ve started doing a weekly back-up and just overwriting the file each time. Best, Catherine


    • Catherine: Thanks for your concern and cheering up. I did not know about the back-up option. THANKS! I uploaded an image from the past this morning. I still have 15 or 20 past images in my Nook Library so at least new visitors can view them – my followers may need to put up with me for a while.


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