A Pair of Sand Hill Cranes

Sand Hill Cranes 1996_edited-1

This morning I was looking at the sight, Ugly Hedgehog, it’s a site for photographers to share images, get comments, and discuss photograpy, and a man had loaded the amazing gathering of Sand Hill Cranes along the Platte River in Nebraska.  Thousands of them lay over there on their way to Canada and Alaska every March.  Anyway, I remembered I had seen a pair in Central Illinois years ago and found the picture. I took this shot with my Canon EOS Elan in the Spring of 1996. I had to shoot in a hurry because I wasn’t sure how they’d react to me.   I scanned it in to Photoshop Elements this morning, cropped it and made a few minor adjustments with levels, contrast, brightness, and color.  As you see the one was feeding and the other was keeping an eye on me. I’m 73 years old and it’s the only time I’ve ever seen these Cranes in Centrall Illinois.  For those of you interested here is a link to Ugly Hedgehog…you have to join but it’s completely free.

Ugly Hedgehog

Dan O. De Ment

3 responses to “A Pair of Sand Hill Cranes

  1. Dan are the cranes really this colour? What a thrill to see them.


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