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A Purple Clematis with a Twist

Single Purple Clematis 2_edited-1_wm

Well, twisted was probably a better word.  I was trying to focus on the center of the flower…it almost worked.  The flower itself was to be somewhat fuzzy – which it is.  But what happened, to my surprise, was that some of the veins in the leaves behind the flower are prominent, through no genius of mine. I was using my kit 18-55 lens and didn’t use the flower setting on my, “Canon T3.”  I believe  “My get up and go, Got up and went,” on this shot.  Must have been day dreaming?

Dan O. De Ment

Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow_edited-1

I’m trying this upload again.  Anyway, yesterday this this double rainbow appeared after a number lightning strikes and thunder, but very lite rain.

Sorry a few of you actually got the bad post…it had my right hand menu down the center of the image instead of where it belongs.

Dan O. De Ment


What happened to my Double Rainbow?

I tried to post a double rainbow a few moments ago and my wordpress theme goofed up.  Some of you probably even received the post.  Anyway, I’ll try again later when my, Old Man Frustration, passes.

Dan O.De Ment

Muffin nursing her older Kitten


On the morning of July 19, 2009 I looked out the backsliding door window of our house just as our Feral Cat, Muffin, plopped down so her only remaining Kitten could nurse.  As you can see the kitten was almost as big as her mother. Unfortunately it was the last time we saw the kitten.  It was a sad day for us.  Shortly thereafter, Muffin, was spade in a catch and release program that put the cats back in the same neighborhood where they were captured for the procedure.  Muffin has been with us ever since.  Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy.

Dan O. De Ment

Corporal Grey Squirrel -Chief Scout

Joseph Grey Squirrel - Atypical Native American_edited-1_wm

This little fella looks as if he’s been sent ahead on a mission.  Whatever,  he appears to be on to something.

Dan O.  De Ment