Added Watermark in Picasa…Finally

For those of you who have limited storage space for images, like my Nook HD’s, Gallery, which I use to upload my images to Elm Drive Images, I finally figured out how to Watermark  images in Picasa and export them to, My Pictures File, then I can move them to Google+Photos to make space available in my Gallery.  Where ever, YOU, store your images on your hard drive you can export the images there as well.  Here’s how:

  1.   Go to Picasa and load an image you want add a watermark to.
  2.  Go up to Picasa’s File and scroll down to Export…click on Export
  3.   A box will come up and toward the bottom of the box is a spot to add your watermark. I could not locate a copyright symbol so, in my case I simply typed in, Copyright Dan De Ment.
  4.  It will ask you to save it where you want it saved…in my case it’s a file named, My Pictures.  In the saved box at the top I saw this, Save to: My Pictures/20160415…that’s the day I took the image.
  5. I hit export and off it went precisely where I told it to save the image.  Now, I have storage files with different names as most of us do, so I’ll need to move the file to my, let’s say, Elm Drive Images 6, file, and then rename it however I decide I want the new name to appear.
  6. Now I can post the image to a new post on Elm Drive Images or move it to Google+Photos.

Now, you can actually name files as you wish on Picasa.  Somtimes I do but mostly  I do not.  The preference is yours.

Keep in mind that Google, in one of their genius moments, has decided to, basically, remove Picasa and use their new image platform called, Photos.  It’s a part of Google+ as far as I can figure.  I can still use Picasa…Google says you can use it in a limitedd fashion.  I don’t know what that means!

I know there are Watermark Apps and I do use one often.  (Actually, most of the images with Watermarks already posted on Elm Drive Images were Watermarked with an APP.  What I haven’t been able to figure out is how to add Watermarks to images already in Google+Photos.  That’s why I wrote the tutorial above. I can move Watermarked images from my Nook HD Gallery to Google+Photos and the Watermark will remain.

For you newbies out here this may be confusing and I regret writing this in the manner I did, as far as you’re concerned.  For those of you who’ve been around a while and have experienced this problem I hope this helps.  Feel free to ask me questions if there is something above you want to discuss or have clarified.  Just send me an email @

Dan De Ment

Dan O. De Ment

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