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Sunset through the Tree – Western Skyline

Sunset thrugh the Tree_edited-1_wm

This image was one more of interest to me since it was taken the same evening of my, Northeastern Sky, image below.  Being almost directly West meant nature’s colorful light had covered half the sky that evening.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming enjoying the Evening Air

Ming enjoying the outside Air_edited-1

Last evening the temperature dropped from the 90’s in to the 70’s so my wife took our cat, Ming, outside for some fresh air.

Dan O. De Ment

Northeast Evening Sky

Northeast Evening Sky_edited-1

I was outside last evening at about 8:45PM when I was lucky enough to catch this color in the sky.

Dan O.De Ment

Dan De Ment Fine Art

My  Premium Sales Site has now been updated with new products and menus for each.  Just click on the image you’re interested in and scroll down and visit the product. Thank you for your continued interest in Elm Drive Images and my Premium Sales Site @ Dan De Ment Fine Art

Dan O. De Ment

Light Orange, Day Lily

Light Orange Day Lily_edited-2_wm

I was a bit taken back by the color of this Day Lily.  It’s almost a candle light yellow, but it is, in fact, a light orange.

Dan O. De Ment

Inspiration – the other fork in our Road

I’m going off the reservation here for this post because I’ve read these two books and would suggest you consider them as well.  They have nothing to do with photography other than the dedication it takes to pursue your dream, and what is required in time and effort.

First, “Martin Eden,” by Jack London.  Martin wants to be a writer and lacks many of the tools to get the job done.

Second, the first in a series of three novels by, R.F. Delderfield, “God is an Englishman.” Follow Adam Swann – a returning British Soldier as he sets his sights on becoming a presence in commerce and trade in Britian’s 1850’s and beyond.

We all need inspiration to pursue our dreams.  So, do yourself a favor and, at least, allow a review of these two novels.  I think you’ll be inspired – as I was.

Dan O. De Ment

Sometimes things just fall into place


The squirrels must love this highway in the tree tops.  When I saw this at our local Nature Center it looked like it could have been dropped by a contractor.  About as straight across as your going to get.

Dan O. De Ment


A Male Hummingbird on Guard

Male Hummingbird on Guard 2_edited-1_wm

Male Hummingbird on Guard_edited-1_wm

This male, trust me it is a male, has staked out our front porch feeder as his own.  As most of you know hummingbirds are extremely territorial and will fiercely drive off any intruding bird.  This male will set on the feeder for 15 to 30 minute periods without flying off – once in a while taking in some nectar.  If an intruder stops by he usually simply flaps his left side wing and the intruder  darts off.  Once in a while he has to chase them but he quickly returns.

I had to shoot these through our front window screen so they’re not the greatest.

Dan O. De Ment


An update on Dan DeMent Fine Art Post

I have discovered the new products published earlier this morning are not showing up on my site.  I’ll need to investigate the problem and re-post later.  Sorry for the error!.

Dan O. De Ment

A Yard in the Neighborhood

A Neighborhood Yard_edited-1_wm

I took this image the other afternoon.  I liked the grooming and the way the sun and shadow led to the sunny hillside.

Dan O. De Ment

Hidden Robin’s Nest

Hidden Robin's Nest_edited-1_wm


I found this nest the other morning when the Robins kept flitting in and out of the tree – and when they sounded off if I got to close.  It’ best seen if you enlarge it.  Hint – check upper right area of the tree.



Arty, the Brown Squirrel.

Arty, the Brown Squirrel_edited-1

Arty has been through it.  He’s been involved in a few scrapes but keeps hanging around.  He used to be, “Top Dog,” in the neighborhood, but lately he seems to have taken a back seat to another, younger male that’s been hanging around.  We wish him good luck.

Dan O. De Ment