Facebook Messenger Made Easy

I’m going out of the Photography Genre here in case there are those of you out here that have been having the trouble I have with Facebook Messenger.

The App for Messenger specifies it is for PHONES.  I don’t use Facebook or Messenger on my phone, I use The Facebook App on my Nook HD and have tried the Messenger App on my Nook HD.  Messenger will not work on a Nook HD.  So I did some investigating using Google and found where this other man was having the same problem with his IPAD.

Another man picked up on it and said to use only your browser to log on to Facebook and Messenger will work fine – It does!  If you’re having trouble forget the APP.  Go to your browser and type in facebook.com and see what happens.  When Facebook opens it will look different than the APP version so take a minute to look around.  Up along near the top will be a row of clickable menu types…one looks like a folder and should have some numbers on it like 1,2,3, etc. depending upon how many messages you’ve received and not opened.  Click on it and, walla, you’re in Messenger.

Remember you may have to sign up for Messenger…or it may sign you in using your Facebook Login and Password…you may not have to actually log in at all.  You’ll need to check it out.

Give it a try and I hope it works for you.

Dan O. De Ment

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