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My wife, Jean, grooming our Feral Cat, Muffin


Jean grooms Muffin when she can.  Sometimes Muffin walks or scurries away, but today she just plopped down and enjoyed the attention.  She’ll roll over, stretch out, or even lie on her side.  She often moves forward as she’s being groomed but always close to the ground.  She had a burr in her tail here and didn’t mind having it removed at all.  Jean didn’t know I was taking the picture but she’s a good sport and was OK with me posting this.  Muffin couldn’t have cared less.

Dan O. De Ment

A Doe in the Morning


On a morning in March 2009 I looked out our front window and in the next door neighbor’s yard stood the Doe you see above.  She was partially hidden by the tree, which by the way is no longer there, and seemed completely oblivious to the fact she was standing in the middle of a neighborhood.  She stayed a couple minutes longer before walking off through to the back yard and out onto the railorad tracks behind our home. (The railroad tracks have been replaced by a bicycle/ walking track as many of you know.)  I believe I posted the image years ago and then lost it when my hard drive fried.  Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy.

Since they installed the new track we seldom see any deer.  There use to be lots of cover for them when the railroad tracks were still there but since their removal seeing a deer is very rare.  They come up from our Nature Center once in a while.  Once we had four Does in the front yard. Never got a picture of that group.

Dan O. De Ment


Oaks Leave’s variation of Yellow


This big oak, along Grandview Drive, really stood out the other day as we snaked our way along the drive.  The changing leaves seem to blur together with color.

Dan O. De Ment

Day is breaking over the Garage


I captured this image a few mornings ago just as the light was dawning. I had turned away after opening the curtain and then realized what I was seeing so I went for my Canon Point and Shoot…Power Shot A590 IS.

Dan O. De Ment

The Bush is turning Crimson


I was shooting in Peoria Heights the other day and noticed the above bush’s leaves turning a crimson color.  I had parked my car right along side what use to be, back in the day, a Pabst Brewing Plant.  It’s long since been turned into an office building.  Anyway, the bush was right next to the car on the passenger side and I didn’t notice the color changes until walking back to the car.  So much for a photographer noticing everything.

Dan O. De Ment




I’m back to my Favorite Theme

Well, I tried numerous other themes today and none of them came up to my expectations – for my needs my long-time theme is best.  My right hand menu was all over the place with most of the themes I tried. Hopefully things won’t get goofed up again.  If they do I’ll just keep working until I straighten it out – again.  Thanks for hanging in there with me today.

Dan O. De Ment


Small Fir tree


This small Fir Tree was transplanted to its present place, in our back garden, last year.  It has grown a bit and has an excellent formation.

Dan O. De Ment

We have a Problem, Folks

I am going to change,THEMES, to see if I can correct my current problem. My right hand menu system is laying over my posts.  We’ll see what happens.

Dan O. De Ment

The Orange Leaves of Fall


I shoot this tree each fall as it’s one of the first Maples to present its Fall Colors.  I’m never quite sure what shade of orange will appear.

Dan O. De Ment

The Transformation Begins


This is the second time I’ve loaded this post today.  Earlier my right hand menu system overlapped the image.  Even though it was a bit hazy you can begin to see the transformation to the fall foliage.  A couple of the trees have orange leaves.  By the end of the month this entire Woodland will have burst forth with beautiful yellows, reds, crimsons, and oranges.  I will shoot the area again at that time.

This shot was taken from above the valley floor on our Grandview Drive.  It snakes its way a number of miles before terminating at, on one end, the river road, and on the other the main roadway through Peoria Heights.  There are numerous vantage points to get great images.

Dan O. De Ment

Corn Crop Harvest is Progressing


Much of the Central Illinois Corn Crop harvesting is well under way as of this posting.  The farmers were lucky this season as heavy rainfall did not impede getting into the fields in a timely manner.

It rained so much a few seasons ago the fields were so wet farmers could not get into their fields to complete the harvest.  Many lost their entire investment.  Entire crops were left to rot away.

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin resting on the Deck


I caught, Muffin, as many of you know, our Feral Cat, resting on the deck the other day.  She is always available for a photo shoot.

Dan O. De Ment