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January 8th, 2016 – Our Backyard


This was our backyard, during the day, on January 8th, 2016.  It snowed that night.  I wonder what it will look like on January 8th, 2017.

Central Illinois’ first snow could come as early as Sunday, December 5th.

Dan O.De Ment

The Holiday Season


The holidays are right around the corner and this is the perfect time, for many of us, to remind our friends, families, and future followers, we also have sales sites, and, that they should stop by and browse what we have available in the way of gifts.  Have a good holiday season!

Dan O. De Ment

Frosty Backyard


A couple weeks ago we had a frost that lightly painted the back yard.  As you can see the sun was coming up so it did not last long.

Dan O. De Ment

Driveway Leaves on Trash Day


Ooops!  I don’t know what I was talking about in my post below.  There is still plently of green left here.  I just added more color.  I must have been looking out of the wrong eye this morning.  My bad! Continue reading

Up the Woodland Trail


I shot this image at our local Nature Center near the end of October 2016.

Dan O.De Ment

Through the Pines


Dan O. De Ment

At Peace in the Park


Dan O. De Ment

Sunlight through the Burnt Orange Leaves


Dan O. De Ment

An Exhibition of Fall Color


Dan O. De Ment

Maple In Full Color


I shot this over last weekend.  It was in a neighbor’s yard and there were electirc wires and signs close so I could not get the entire tree.

Dan O. De Ment

The Scent of Pine Needles


Our local Park District set about purchasing Austrian Pines, I think it was probably in the 70’s.  They can grow to about 60 feet and have quite a girth – somewhere in the area of 40 feet.  I love listening to the wind blow through the pines and the sound that emanates.

Dan O. De Ment

The Beauty of Fall


I captured this image at one of our local parks the other day.

Dan O. De Ment