I Need Help!

I deleted my top right menu, Fine Art America. It was a logo via code that I had uploaded through a wordpress text widget. I CAN’T DO IT NOW, I go to Fine Art America, copy the code, come back to wordpress, go down the widgets to the text widget, grab it and move it up the right menu. When I try to open it there is nowhere for me to enter the code…no text box…no title box…Nothing! The top of it says Text Widget and the lower portion says save or cancel. (THIS IS REALLY NUTS) I’m sure I am doing something wrong but what? Why won’the the text widget open so I can paste the code into it,
I’m stumped!

Thanks in advance.

Dan O. De Ment

5 responses to “I Need Help!

  1. Good luck Dan! Wish I could help.


  2. Dear Dan, it seems that you also changed the theme too. Every theme has a different things, you can search the theme what they have, probably it is about this change. If you ask happy enginner of wordpress they will help you.

    I hope you solve it. Love, nia

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