Doe stepping out for a drink

Doe Drinking from Bird Bath_edited-1_wm

I took this image yesterday at about 7:30 PM.  She was behind a business located next to Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights.   I used my camera, an Alcatel Pop Astro.  She sure was a pretty little gal and had just been drinking from the bird bath directly in front of her.

Dan O. De Ment

2 responses to “Doe stepping out for a drink

  1. The only time I ever saw one of these in their natural habitat was in New Brunswick Canada in 2012… It’s so nice that you can see them often, they are beautiful. A long time ago there were some at the local zoo but at my last visit about 2 months ago there won’t any, we should have in our forests but apparently they aren’t plentiful…


    • Marts: Sorry about the lack of deer where you are. I’ve lived in Peoria Heights, Illinois most of my life and we see deer quite often here … not just in the Nature Center. A few years ago we had four walk through our front yard. My grand-daughter saw about ten including two fawns just the other day at the Nature Center. Thanks for the comment. Good luck!


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