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Quiet Country Lane

Quiet Country Lane_edited-1_wm

This country lane is located at Jubilee College State Park just 15 minutes outside of Peoria, Illinois.  Shadowed on the left foreground is a bean field and in the distance – a corn field. The image was shot on an early, partly cloudy, summer evening.

Dan O. De Ment

A Male Hummingbird on Guard

Male Hummingbird on Guard 2_edited-1_wm

Male Hummingbird on Guard_edited-1_wm

This male, trust me it is a male, has staked out our front porch feeder as his own.  As most of you know hummingbirds are extremely territorial and will fiercely drive off any intruding bird.  This male will set on the feeder for 15 to 30 minute periods without flying off – once in a while taking in some nectar.  If an intruder stops by he usually simply flaps his left side wing and the intruder  darts off.  Once in a while he has to chase them but he quickly returns.

I had to shoot these through our front window screen so they’re not the greatest.

Dan O. De Ment


What are you looking at?


What are you lookin at?

I shot this image a few years ago at a farm Northeast of Peoria.  To get to their pasture the cattle walk through an under the road crossing.  It’s pretty neat to see them walk out from under the road.

I posted this way back when  – one of my lost posts.

Dan O. De Ment