Nature Center Bedding Area during Summer Months

This area has been a spot where Deer bed down during the summer months.  The grass is quite thick and tall in this spot.  Oddly enough it’s near to the spot where two trails cross.   During the winter months we often see the deer bedded down up on the hillsides that surround the lower meadows. This image was shot by my wife at The Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights, Illinois.

Dan O. De Ment

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The Holidays are approaching quickly!

The holidays will be on us before we know it and this would be a great time to consider gifts of a different nature…or landscape.  Images are for a life time and can and are passed on from generation to generation.  Images remind us of the past, great places we have visited, family gatherings, vacations, hiking trips, just to mention a few connections we have with them and, every time you look at one that means a great deal to you you’re taken right back to that place and time.  Even if you are not the one who took the images once you have them they’re for keeps and for passing on to your family or friends.  Think about it and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

Dan O. De Ment

First Snow of 2010 in Peoria Heights

This view is from our backyard into our neighbors backyard.

Dan O. De Ment

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Doe and Fawn

Took this image at Jubilee College State Park outside Peoria, Illinois

Dan O. De Ment

Copyright 2011 Dan O. De Ment All Rights Reserved

For my Friend’s and Follower’s

I recently opened an account on Fine Art America as you may have read in a post I have now removed.  I have closed that account!

Kindly continue to follow me here and at Elm Drive Images on Image Kind.  Thank you for your patience.

Dan O. De Ment