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December 25, 2018

October 2007:  My wife, Jean, and I moved into our home in Peoria Heights October 31st.  This was not our first choice for a home but time constraints made it necessary.  Little did we know how much wildlife was wandering our neighborhood – living in our neighborhood.

1953:  I had grown up less than three miles from here … as the crow flies and, maybe, once in all my childhood a deer was seen in the neighborhood.  As a boy our streets were made from cinders.  Cinders are what’s left after the coal that heated our home was burned.  Everything seemed more quiet and much cleaner back then – even though homes were heated with coal.  The city was not new of course, but the past was still apparent. People living up the street, less than a mile away, still had horses.  

Back to 2007.  Our home has a narrow but deep backyard that touches right up to the railroad right-of-way.  The trains go by infrequently by this time.  None-the-less, they were still a force for moving freight in the area … mostly lumber  actually.  Once in a while I’d hail an engineer and we’d talk a bit about old times. I told him how when I was a boy I’d hop the train to school the back way. (you had to be here.)

2008: One late, fall evening I looked out into the flower garden where we had bird feeders hung on a staff-type pole with feeder hooks on it.  To my suprise a Buck and a Doe were feeding at the feeder.  The Buck was hitting the feeder with his antlers and knocking the seeds to the ground.  Both deer had to have jumped our small chain link fence further back in the yard – near the railroad track – to get to the feeder which was only a few paces from our back door.  When the Buck saw me (I was inside the house) he just kind of snorted and stomped his right front leg, but continued to feed.  The Doe just looked up and continued feeding.

2018: That was our first experience with deer in the area.  Off and on over the next few years we’d see deer running through the neighborhood or walking, in the evening, along the train track.  Once we had four Does in our front yard.  Another time four Wild Turkeys were roosting on a neighbor’s shed roof.

The train track is gone, and, as many of you have seen, it’s been replaced by a walking/bicycle riding track.  Deer, well we’ve seen two in the last three or four years.  Jean saw a Doe looking at her at mid-day, from some cover that managed to miss being cut down by the Park District … they purchased the right of way from the train people … and a year or two ago she saw a Doe and Fawn walking up the track north.  Most all the brush that had been providing cover for deer was removed when room was made for the people track.

The deer have moved back to the Nature Center a few miles from our home – we think.  They are, of course, capable of hiding in plain site, so, maybe they’re here but have not acclimated enough to the sound of so many people noisily interferring with their home turf.  Perhaps they’ll re-appear in numbers again  in a few years.

Feral Cats.  We had numerous Feral Cats, with kittens, running the neighborhood.  Many were caught, spade or neutered, and then re-released back where they were trapped.  A cat who we named Muffin, a Feral Cat, has been with us since the first year we moved in here.  She lives outside – in our garage – but eats here daily.  I can pet her and Jean even picks her up and grooms her with a little brush, however, she will not come into the house.

Stepping back a moment:  Our neighborhood was built, for the most part, in the 1950s.  There has been next to no building since the 60’s.  So, the building of the track is, unfortunately, the main reason for the disappearance of deer.

Time carves an endless furrow.

Dan O. De Ment

You’re never to old to learn

For the past couple of months my wife and I have been having trouble charging up our Samsung Tab E’s.  Our USBs weren’t charging quickly enough to suit us.  We thought something was wrong with the Tablets.  Then I decided to switch to our cell phone USBs.  Right away the Tablets began to charge more quickly.  Meanwhile, when I tried to download images from my desktop computer to my Samsung Tab E only one in four or five would download.  Finally, today I switched to my Cell Phone USB to transfer the images and it worked immediately.  It had been the Samsung USB connector causing the problems all along.  So, if you’re having charging or image transfer problems check your USB connector.  You may need to switch as we did.

Hope this helps someone?

Dan O. De Ment


I’ve changed Themes

I changed themes this morning and you can now scroll down and click on my Dan De Ment Pixels.com link to get to my site. Fine Art America.com, Artist Website com, and Pixels.com are all part and parcel of the same organization.

Dan O. De Ment

A Backup-Stand Alone Hard-Drive

One of the first things I do in the morning is check my email, etc. On a particular day a couple years ago I immediately discovered something was wrong … some off-the-wall virus protection message appeared on my monitor screen. I deleted it right away but, not realizing it, the damage had already started. Off and on during the day other messages appeared. I ran my virus and malware protection to check out the problem. They gave me the usual adware detections and virus threats that I either removed or quaranteed as my software recommended. By the next morning I was “dead in the water.” My computer would hardly run without interruption. My entire hard-drive was corrupted and had to be re-formatted or, I could get a new computer.
The fact that I was without a backup hard-drive really cost me. I lost all my images. Hundreds! If you’re new to photography or, as I was, are without a backup hard-drive, drop what you’re doing and go get one. If you’re not tech savy your tech guru can fix you up with one. The investment of 30-50 dollars will more than pay for itself very quickly. I’ve had some issues which needed my tech guru’s attention since I purchased my back up for $35.00 and my images were safe. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.

Dan O. De Ment

Dan De Ment Fine Art

I am pleased to announce a presence on Artistwebsites.com. “Dan De Ment Fine Art.”
Over the next few months I will be uploading numerous new images … all images will be located on both 1-dan-de-ment.artistwebsites.com and http://1-dan-de-ment.fineartamerica.com.  As many of you know Fine Art America has three Sites under its umbrella.  Fine Art America, Artistwebsites, and Pixels.

Thank you for your time.

Dan O. De Ment

The Holidays are approaching quickly!

The holidays will be on us before we know it and this would be a great time to consider gifts of a different nature…or landscape.  Images are for a life time and can and are passed on from generation to generation.  Images remind us of the past, great places we have visited, family gatherings, vacations, hiking trips, just to mention a few connections we have with them and, every time you look at one that means a great deal to you you’re taken right back to that place and time.  Even if you are not the one who took the images once you have them they’re for keeps and for passing on to your family or friends.  Think about it and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

Dan O. De Ment

For my Friend’s and Follower’s

I recently opened an account on Fine Art America as you may have read in a post I have now removed.  I have closed that account!

Kindly continue to follow me here and at Elm Drive Images on Image Kind.  Thank you for your patience.

Dan O. De Ment