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The Changing Leaves of Fall

The Changing Leaves Fall 2018_edited-1

I shot this image a couple weeks ago to show the different greens that nature provides as Fall approaches.

Dan O. De Ment

I haven’t run off

Howdy:  Sorry I haven’t posted a while.  You’d think someone who loves photograpy would have something new to offer.  Well, I actually posted the same image of our cat, Ming, twice, athough under different titles.  How odd is that?  Do you think I’m losing it?   I can’t believe I did it …  I did and it’s done.

Anyway, I will be out and shooting new images during the upcoming fall presentation.  We have some beautiful fall scenery in Central Illinois and I’ll be bringing it to you as ususal.

Thanks for being continuing followers of, Elm Drive Images.

Dan O. De Ment 😆

Through the Pines


Dan O. De Ment

Falls Leave’s on the Meadow’s Floor

I shot this image at the Lower Entrance to Grandview Drive in Peoria Heights, Illinois.  There is a little meadow-like piece of terrain here. Once in a while deer are seen feeding towards the back, next to the woods, not shown here.

Dan O. De Ment

Soon Fall Color’s will light up the Trees and Woodlands

Maple Fall Image1-8_edited-3

I shot this image years ago and it’s a bit fuzzy.  “My bad.”  I must have been shooting out of one eye! But the color was what got my attention.  “Sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”   I hope to find the tree again this year and shoot a sharper image for you.  Colors should start changing in the Midwest by Mid-October.

Dan O. De Ment

Lonely, Fall Woodland


I shot this image at Jubilee College State Park in Central Illinois in the fall of 2012. You could have heard a pin drop that morning.

©Dan O. De Ment 2012