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Ming with Eyes on You

When I shot this image I certainly did not expect the result shown here.  It appears ambient lighting  adjusted the color of Ming’s right eye.  Something you might do in PP if you were so inclined.  Rather than redo the image I left it as is for your consideration.

Ming - A Head Shot

Dan O. De Ment



Ming sleeping on the Sofa


I shot this image yesterday morning and cropped it in Photoshop Elements 6 …. I adjusted the levels and made a bit of a color correction also.

Dan O. De Meny

Ceasar and Sheba asleep on the Sofa


Caesar and Sheba snoozing on the sofa.

Ceasar and Sheba were 17 and 20 when I shot this image.  Even though they were only acquainted and saw each other rarely they always got along well.  You can hardly see Sheba’s head but it’s close to Ceasar’s.  Ceasar was our daughter and son-in-law’s cat.  Time took its toll and they both passed away within a year of taking this image.  We miss them!

©Dan O. De Ment 2011