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Quiet Country Lane

Quiet Country Lane_edited-1_wm

This country lane is located at Jubilee College State Park just 15 minutes outside of Peoria, Illinois.  Shadowed on the left foreground is a bean field and in the distance – a corn field. The image was shot on an early, partly cloudy, summer evening.

Dan O. De Ment

Corn Crop Harvest is Progressing


Much of the Central Illinois Corn Crop harvesting is well under way as of this posting.  The farmers were lucky this season as heavy rainfall did not impede getting into the fields in a timely manner.

It rained so much a few seasons ago the fields were so wet farmers could not get into their fields to complete the harvest.  Many lost their entire investment.  Entire crops were left to rot away.

Dan O. De Ment

Sentinel for a Bean Field


I took this image in 2008, if my memory serves me correctly.  I found it on my Nook under a special image file.  There are a number of images from years past in the file and I’ll pass them on to you as we go.  I didn’t even own a Nook when I shot this image.  Somehow I downloaded it and others from my desktop image library without realizing it. (my age you know). When you get, long in the tooth, you do a number of things without realizing it/them until much later.

Dan O.DeMent