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Resting near the Feeder

eye on the feeder_edited-1_wm

These two Sparrows are resting between feedings.

Dan O. De Ment

Female Hummingbird hovering next to Feeder

Hummingbird hovering at her Feeder_edited-1

This female was completely in the image until I pressed the shutter.  I had already pressed the shutter and focused.  In the time it took to snap the shutter the second time she had, slightly, backed out of the shot.  That’s how quickly they can move. (If you didn’t know)

Now, this image was shot through our front window and the screen on the outside of it.  By pressing right up to the window I was able to, pretty much, cut out the window and screen.  It doesn’ t provide you with an image with a $ sign on it but it can be fun and leave you with a pleasant image.  TRY IT!

Dan O. De Meny


Squirrel Feeder covered in Snow


The big Snow in early February 2015 left our Squirrel Feeder mosrly covered.  If you enlarge the image you’ll see the Feeder’s Nose.

Dan O. De Ment