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Single Cone Plant


I found this image in my archives from April 2012. The plant was a bit haggard but, in my opinion, the color out weighed what might have been –  just another Cone Plant.

Dan O. De Ment

Landscaping – always a continuing process


We have been doing some landscaping over the past years.  Just beyond our fence is the bicycle/walking/jogging track developed and laid by our Park District.  My wife, Jean, with the help of one of our daughter’s, Stephanie, get all the credit here. The work in progress,  the upper left of the image, is a Trumpet Vine.  The large trellis has yet to be fastened to the fence.  It’s attached to a smaller trellis with green garden tape/velcro at this point.

Dan O. De Ment

Corn Crop Harvest is Progressing


Much of the Central Illinois Corn Crop harvesting is well under way as of this posting.  The farmers were lucky this season as heavy rainfall did not impede getting into the fields in a timely manner.

It rained so much a few seasons ago the fields were so wet farmers could not get into their fields to complete the harvest.  Many lost their entire investment.  Entire crops were left to rot away.

Dan O. De Ment

Forest Park Nature Center’s Visitor’s Center


This the the Visitor’s Center at the entrance to the Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights, Illinois.  I take many of my woodland images here and at Jubilee College State Park which is about 14 minutes outside Peoria.

Dan O. De Ment

A few tips and suggestions for Followers and Friends

Today I’m going to pass on a few suggested Blogs and Websites I believe you’ll find interesting and, more importantly, HELPFUL.  I follow them, get their emails, or, in the case of, Fine Art America, am a member. 

1.  http://digital-photo-secrets.com

2.  http://lightscapesphotography.wordpress.com

3.  http://fineartamerica.com

4.  http://digital-photography-school.com

You’ll find a good deal of great information and ideas to improve your photography skills and, in the case of Fine Art America, maybe, sell something.

Dan O. De Ment