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Ming stretched out on the sofa


Our cat, Ming, was all stretched out and asking to have his image taken.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming and Muffin getting some early morning Sun

Ming and Muffin getting early morning Sun_edited-1_wm

Dan O. De Ment

Face Off


I pulled this image from my 2012 archives.  Our cat, Ming, and, Scooter, the chipmunk, are having a bit of a, “how do you do.”

Dan O. De Ment

Ming enjoying the Evening Air

Ming enjoying the outside Air_edited-1

Last evening the temperature dropped from the 90’s in to the 70’s so my wife took our cat, Ming, outside for some fresh air.

Dan O. De Ment

Walked a mile in my own Shoes

Walked a mile in my own Shoes_edited-1

Well, the bridge that provides a walk over a major roadway through Peoria is at the end of this portion of the walking/bicycle trail.  My wife and I had just come from there.   We still had another half mile to go to get home.  Am I feeling it today or what?  My own fault for not exercising more.  Sorry my little camera doesn’t show the bridge.

Dan O. De Ment