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I haven’t run off

Howdy:  Sorry I haven’t posted a while.  You’d think someone who loves photograpy would have something new to offer.  Well, I actually posted the same image of our cat, Ming, twice, athough under different titles.  How odd is that?  Do you think I’m losing it?   I can’t believe I did it …  I did and it’s done.

Anyway, I will be out and shooting new images during the upcoming fall presentation.  We have some beautiful fall scenery in Central Illinois and I’ll be bringing it to you as ususal.

Thanks for being continuing followers of, Elm Drive Images.

Dan O. De Ment 😆

Ming stretched out on the sofa


Our cat, Ming, was all stretched out and asking to have his image taken.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming and Muffin getting some early morning Sun

Ming and Muffin getting early morning Sun_edited-1_wm

Dan O. De Ment

Face Off


I pulled this image from my 2012 archives.  Our cat, Ming, and, Scooter, the chipmunk, are having a bit of a, “how do you do.”

Dan O. De Ment

Ming enjoying the Evening Air

Ming enjoying the outside Air_edited-1

Last evening the temperature dropped from the 90’s in to the 70’s so my wife took our cat, Ming, outside for some fresh air.

Dan O. De Ment

Walked a mile in my own Shoes

Walked a mile in my own Shoes_edited-1

Well, the bridge that provides a walk over a major roadway through Peoria is at the end of this portion of the walking/bicycle trail.  My wife and I had just come from there.   We still had another half mile to go to get home.  Am I feeling it today or what?  My own fault for not exercising more.  Sorry my little camera doesn’t show the bridge.

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin,our Feral Cat, on her way to the Back Yard

Muffin our Feral Cat on her way to the Back Yard_edited-1_wm

Muffin was strolling toward the back yard last summer to keep an eye on my wife while she worked in the back garden.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming resting in the Morning Sun

Ming resting in the Morning Sun_edited-3_wm

Ming loves to rest in the early morning sun.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming in a Supine Salute

Ming with Paw accross his Head_edited-1_wm

Ming had been watching one of his favorite combat films.  He suddenly plopped down and saluted.  A real Patriot!

By the way, yesterday I went to our local Nature Center and shot 50 images.  Hope to have them on display here and at my Premium Sales Site,   Dan De Ment Fine Art    in the next couple of weeks.

Dan O. De Ment

Ming, half dozing on the Sofa


A few months ago I caught our cat, Ming, “Cat-Napping,” on the sofa.

Dan O. De Ment

When you’re in a hurry

I was trying to capture our cat, Ming, before he started playing, and I messed up the shot – his eyes.  This could have been a decent image had it not been for my impatience.  Noise and a reflection! “A lesson to us all.”

Ming looking for trouble_edited-2

Dan O. De Ment

Ming in Black and White


I took this image of our cat, Ming, and, over corrected the color saturation in Photoshop Elements 6 – I should have left well enough alone – so I decided to remove the color all together and post him in black and white.

Ming in Black and White


Dan O. De Ment