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Young Female Finch



This little gal sat on the feeder for about a half hour resting and feeding.

Dan O. De Ment

A Foggy Morning in the Heights

A Foggy Morning in the Heights_edited-1_wm.jpg

Dan O. De Ment

Flowering Crab buds about to open

Flowering Crab 2_wm

I shot this a couple weeks ago.  The buds have since opened and actually turned a bluish/purple color.  I’ll try to get a shot before the petals drop.

Dan O. De Ment



Fruit of the Flowering Crab

Fruit of the Flowering Crab_edited-1

We planted this Flowering Crab in 2008.  This is the first year the fruit has reached the size of the fruit you see in this image – slightly smaller than a small marble – The fruit will provide food for local bird populations.  We didn’t think it would ever produce any fruit larger than a small beebee, and now we don’t need to strain our eyes to see the fruit.

Dan O. De Ment

Dan De Ment Fine Art